Magnificence of Trongsa

Nestled in the Himalayas, Trongsa has the best panoramic view of mountains and rivers meandering through them. Trongsa was not a part of my itinerary. There is only one bus that leaves for Jakar from Thimpu at 6 am, every day. We tried to book seats a day before, but it was already full. Our only option was to leave for Trongsa and to hitch a ride to Jakar, Bhumthang from there.

We reached Trongsa at 4:45 pm and a splendid view of the Trongsa Dzong welcomed us. Rinpung Dzong is majestic but Trongsa Dzong is grand.

We were so tempted by the scenic beauty of this place that we decided to spend a day in Trongsa. My hotel room presented a full view of the Dzong and the valley in the backdrop. It was mesmerizing.  I spent my evening looking at the mountains, which were merging with the clouds.

Places to visit and eat in Trongsa

Dzong can easily take 3 hours. Ta Dzong Museum is another tourist attraction in the town. Sadly it was closed that day. I spent an hour exploring the surroundings of the museum. I was happy being there. We were the only tourists and this fact brought a different kind of joy to me. There are a few places to visit in Trongsa and even fewer to eat out. I bought KOKA noodles (which had become my favorite by then) from a small shop, cooked them in a kettle in my hotel room, and that was my dinner.

Trongsa is quiet, peaceful yet imposing. The town falls silent and hazy by dusk. I vividly remember the eerie silence in the evening and the roar of the river, louder than anything around. See it for yourself. Do give it a visit when you plan your trip to Bhutan.



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