Hoi An – A picturesque affair

HOI AN – is a cultural and trading town which has been preserved with its 17th-century architectural style. Hoi An was a port city and hence became home for many traders who sailed from different parts of the world. The ancient town of Hoi An has shrines, temples, Assemble halls, museums preserved in their original form. Many of these houses have been converted to restaurants and souvenir shops.

I had long been vicariously visiting Hoi An through mesmerizing pictures of the town, and it is a world heritage site, enough reasons for me to visit this place.


After spending one day at HCMC and completely invigorated by the energy of Ho Chi Minh, I landed in Hoi An at 11 AM and checked in May Trang homestay which is a lovely place to stay.

Time at Hoi-an

It was sunny and a mild wind was blowing. There were a few tourists on bicycles going towards the An Bang beach. An Bang beach is 4 KMs from the town, I was dying to be back on a beach after my experience with Krabi and day two at Hoi An was just kept for the beaches.

I rested for a while and then started for lunch. Hoi An Ancient town is small and can be covered on foot or bicycle. A canal separates the ancient town and connects the town via a bridge. Boats were anchored at the banks of the canal and were humming along its waves.

I rented a bicycle for 2 USD and took a round of the town. There is a fee to enter the town which is approx. 250000 Dong and allows you to visit five monuments from a list of 22.


As dusk started to dawn, houses and shops were lit with lanterns and Hoi An came to life like a picturesque painting made with hues of red, yellow and blue. There were people all around but still, it did not feel crowded. This hustle and bustle sat rhythmically with hues of this beautiful painting to make it more vibrant. I felt as if I have come to some faire set in Hoi An, the time has become non-linear and all alternate lives of mine are present here. I was there – fully- to meet myself again.


Hoi An has its own signature dishes which are a must try. Banh Mi, White rose, Pancakes and Cao Lau. I loved Banh Mi and Cao Lau. What caught my attention was snails cooked in onion, ginger, and chilly. The soup was full of flavor and complemented well with snails. I had tried snails for the first time and I would not mind trying it again.


I cherish my time in Hoi-An, it gave me space to think about myself, to have a conversation with myself and enjoy my being in this world.

I spent two days in Hoi An which are sufficient to cover the town and seep in its vibe and feel. If you are planning a Vietnam trip, you would not want to miss out on the beauty which Hoi An is.

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